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This is an update on our daughter’s condition after being diagnosed with scoliosis (25 degrees upper, 20 degrees lower curve) last summer. We have more wonderful news that we wanted to share with everyone.

As we had mentioned in an earlier posting, while under Dr. Fitzgerald’s care since October, a visit to our daughter’s orthopedic doctor in December revealed a decrease in her upper curve from 25 to 18 degrees (lower curve remained the same).

On our daughter’s most recent checkup in July to her orthopedic doctor x-rays revealed another decrease, this time in both of her curves. Her upper curve had changed from 18 to 14 degrees and lower curve from 20 to 12 degrees. We, along with her doctor, were once again surprised and couldn’t believe how much her spine has continued to improve. He told us curves in a child as young as our daughter (she’s now 9) usually never decrease, only increase, because they still have a lot of growing to do..

Her doctor asked us what we have been doing to help our daughter. We explained to him that she has been seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Fitzgerald, and that through our faith and the help of Dr.. Fitzgerald we credit our daughter’s tremendous progress. Her doctor told us to continue exactly what we are doing because it obviously is helping her. He even had us schedule her next checkup in 1 year instead of every 4-6 months because she is doing so well.

We can never thank Dr. Mike enough for taking such good care of our daughter and getting her health back on the right track. We owe you a lot, Dr. Mike, and greatly appreciate everything you have done for our daughter.


Paul and Joann

I came to Dr Mike after feeling like everything in my body (and life) had been shut down. Dowsed with drugs that the medical docs decided to experiment on me with, I felt like I was dying inside and out. Ironically Dr Mike concluded that all my zones were out (a rare feat for most people) and that although I needed adjustments in the worst way, i would be fine.

That was 25 years ago and not only am I "fine" but not once has a drug entered my body or thanks to Dr Mike, a fear taken over me when my zones are out. He has helped me thru opening the healing in every part of my body and never once did I doubt he could.

But the real acid test was with my daughter. Would I have the faith to put her in his hands and would he be able to help her heal anything that came up? Well after 14 years, the answers are YES and YES. From broken bones to sore throats to emotional struggles, she and he have formed an unbreakable bond. I totally credit Dr Mike with teaching my daughter that she is and always will be HEALTHY no matter what her body is doing. I will forever be indebted to him for giving her that Truth of life,,,,what a gift. I shutter to think what my daughter's life would have been like if she were raised in the traditional fear based, drug induced health care system of today. I hope that every child who is somehow finds themselves in Dr Mike's office.

To this day my daughter has never had a vaccination or an antibiotic and she is like many of Dr Mike's young patients, told by so many that she is a walking specimen of health. Her immune system has never been compromised by the above and at the same time has been enhanced by many adjustments and talks with Dr Mike. Having her adjusted from the time she was 5 days old was the smartest thing this mother could have done.

Every member of my family has had the pleasure of healing with Dr Mike. And each one, no matter what the condition has called him a "miracle worker." I call him one of the few "Natural Workers." And I bless the day I became so sick that I had to seek help from one of the greatest co creators in healing of our time.



I have been sick for almost 2 years with weakness, dizziness and being nauseous. Went to every specialist you can imagine, having blood tests and all kinds of radiology tests. No one could help me. I was introduced to Dr. Mike by very good friends of mine who have been seeing him for years. I was very skeptical...long story short...he is a miracle worker. Since seeing him I have never felt so good, all my ailments are gone and I actually feel better than I have felt in more than 2 years. Thank you Dr. Mike you are a God send!

Linda Zimmerman



In August, our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with juvenile scoliosis. She had an S curve of 25 degrees upper and 20 degrees lower curve. We took her to see two orthopedic specialists. The first doctor told us she would have to be braced immediately for 20 hours a day to help stop the curves from progressing and eventually would need surgery to correct the curves. He also said the brace was no guarantee the curves wouldn't get worse. We took her for a second opinion and were told basically the same thing, except this doctor recommended waiting until her curves got worse before being braced. We decided to wait to have her braced and brought her to see Dr. Fitzgerald in October. He assured us that he could help our daughter and that she was going to be just fine. Well, he was right! When we took our daughter to the doctor for her 4 month follow-up checkup in December, the doctor told us her upper curve had changed from 25 degrees to 18 degrees. The doctor was as surprised as we were and told us if she continues the way she's going she will never have to be braced. Just 2 months of chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Mike every other week has changed the outcome of our daughter's childhood. We can't thank Dr. Mike enough for all he has done for our daughter and continues to do today.


Paul & Joann

As a 39 year old woman who has been trying to become pregnant for the last three years. I was seriously questioning whether I would become pregnant. My husband and I underwent various tests to determine the reason I was unable to conceive, but all the tests came back normal. Although there were those who suggested fertility drugs and treatments, I did not want to follow that route because it was against my beliefs.

During this period of time one of my friends urged me to visit Dr. Fitzgerald. After hearing about her positive experience I scheduled an appointment and made the journey from Monmouth County to Totowa. It was well worth it!!! I am now PREGNANT and, with the grace of God, the only lifestyle change I made was one visit to Dr. Fitzgerald.

Thank you Dr. Fitzgerald


I am 29 years old. I started seeing Dr. Mike around the end of May 2007.  I was very jaundice and no one was sure what was happening, I visited a couple specialists who ran blood work after blood work, and I was just getting sicker. I then was ordered ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI's which then was discovered that I had a mass in my liver. I visited a local surgical oncologist who referred me to Sloan Kettering in New York. I had to have a temporary stent placed in the bile duct because the mass was compressing it and not allowing bile to drain. I met with the Doctor's at Sloan and they ran more tests. I then received a call that the mass was inoperable and I was then faced with the decision to go through with a biopsy and then begin radiation treatment to shrink the tumor, which I decided not to do. Then my aunt found out about Dr Mike, so we went. I was seeing him once a week, because I live right outside Philadelphia, which is about 2.5 hour ride to Totowa, NJ.  He helped me release feelings I was keeping inside, and showed me how these pent up feelings had affected my health.  Through a process of “Zone Adjustments”, and a re-education, I started on the road back to health. I then had to return for my stent to be removed on July 27th, I was very nervous, but Dr. Mike assured me my “ZONES” were clear. I went in for the procedure and the day prior had another MRI. The doctor's were astonished they couldn't find another reason to replace the stent. The MRI report showed the liver was normal in size and configuration, and that there was evidence of what looked like a residual tumor. Dr Mike helped me with things and gave me my life back, and it only took about 6 treatments.


I came to Dr. Mike at the recommendation of one of his patients, Stephanie Reed, after a very bad infection left me with severely swollen glands and tonsils. For weeks I had taken all kinds of medicines, developed allergic reactions to them and was in terrible pain. I was told by my physician that the only solution was surgery.  I was also warned that I could have complications from the surgery because of the risk of infection coupled with the fact that I had an allergy to antibiotics. When I first came to Dr. Mike, he was so reassuring and patient. I immediately felt like I was making progress. He listened to me and answered all of my questions. He also took the time to explain the answers to me until I felt comfortable. I was not used to this type of care from a doctor and found myself asking him questions that my physicians seemingly had no time to answer. I worked with Dr. Mike for quite some time and little by little I began to heal, the swelling began to subside and my physician was shocked that I was doing so much better without having had surgery. I was discouraged at times, but Dr. Mike was so positive and helpful that I really knew I would get better. He really helped me to manage my stress level as well as my illness. I am so grateful for that!

Thank you so much, Dr. Mike!!


Five long years of stressful situations, traumatic events, and unwarranted loss prompted my body to simply give up on me. Suddenly, I was face-to-face with symptoms I had never had before: restless sleep, cold sweats, leg cramps, stiff neck, fluttering heart, shallow breathing, headaches, clumps of hair in the drain after a bath, rash on my face and neck, bruises, bleeding gums, brittle nails, and blurred vision. Literally, I was one complete basket case! Had I gone for a physical check up then, I would have been prescribed hit-or-miss medical treatments and handfuls of pills. Instead, I heeded the recommendation of a friend and visited Dr. Mike.  After only eight visits I felt renewed, restored and finally—HEALTHY! Confident in my surge of energy and wellbeing, I went for an overdue physical exam. Blood and urine tests revealed NORMAL organ/system function. After sharing the overwhelming results with me, my doctor’s
advice was—“Keep on doing what you’re doing!” I am! I am under Dr. Mike’s care!


I am 50 years old.  I started seeing Dr. Mike about 6 months ago for back pain.  The back pain dissappeared within a month.  I have continued to see Dr. Mike regularly because I am experiencing great health for the first time in years.  I was having severe peri-menopause.  My OB-GYN had suggested that I consider hormone therapy.  I had a cyst in my ovaries.  I had stopped menstruating for 6 months.  I was exhausted all the time.  I also had frequent digestive problems.   The cyst has dissolved on its own.  My menstrual cycle has been regular for the last 3 months.  My digestive problems have dissappeared.  My mood swings have improved.  I feel well.  Thanks, Dr. Mike, for your healing powers and caring.


While experiencing six months of intense daily migraines a friend recommended Dr. Mike.  I was a bit skeptical because my previous chiropractic experiences were not helpful. I had had Xrays, MRI's, MRA's, CT scans, bone density tests by my Internist, a Neurologist, Vascular Surgeon and an Orthopedic specialist to determine the reason for my pain. Within 4 visits to Dr. Mike the migraines had subsided to the point that I was able to function in my day-to-day life. When I told my physicians about the success with Dr. Mike's treatment they agreed that I should continue to see  Dr. Mike (not that I intended to stop my treatments). So, if you are suffering from migraines or headaches I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Mike.  What do you have to lose?  Just relief from pain.

A truly greatful patient.

My family has been seeing Dr. Mike for several years. So we are familiar with his practice. We have three boys and with that come injuries. One afternoon our 7 yrs old son accidentally got kneed near his eye. He complained of blurry vision and not being able to focus. An hour later he began throwing up. This continues for some time. He was not keeping anything down. We've had our experience with Emergency rooms.  They are not much for Emergencies unless you are dying. The next day we called Dr.Mike and he was available to see us. Dr. Mike took a look at our son and right way assured us that there is nothing traumatic. He went ahead and cleared the zones to allow the body to recuperate from the hit and vomiting. We visited Dr Mike later that day. By the second visit my son was feeling better and was able to keep liquids down. By the second day he was eating and playing.  What we realized is the body is amazing. We just need to allow it to heal itself. With the understanding of Zone Healing and Concept Therapy our body is healing faster and is healthier then before.

Thanks Dr. Mike.


I came to Dr. Mike having been referred by a friend. I had been experiencing a chronic case of labyrinths/vertigo for over 2 months. The episodes were frequent and at times severe. I had to go out on disability since I was unable to drive and my job causes me to drive a great deal. I was being treated by my regular MD as well as by an ENT specialist, but the problem persisted. On my first visit to Dr. Mike, he explained the 6 systems of the body and did an exam. It turns out that the system that was most affected in me was the Muscular System which just so happens to be the one responsible for balance and equilibrium. I immediately felt that Dr. Mike was attuned to what was wrong with me and able to directly address it. His treatments have made a big difference. I am now back to work and no longer experiencing those frightening and disconcerting episodes where everything seems to be spinning.

Thanks Dr Mike.

What do you do when part of your 2 year old's finger is cut off and the surgeon only gives you a 5% chance of success if you sew the black, dead skin back on and a 95% chance of having to go back 2 weeks later and amputate the top of her finger? You call Dr. Mike and say, "Please help us heal Sarah's finger". And that is exactly what he did.

Her finger needed to have circulation brought back. Dr. Mike's adjustments did just that. He went out of his way to make sure that she had her adjustments four times a week in order to heal her and keep a mother's image of health intact. I also feel his true concern and love for Sarah played an imperative role in her healing. When we went back to the surgeon a few weeks later he exclaimed, "This is a miracle"!

Thank you Mike!
Debbie and Rich Tester

Over the past few years I have been seeing Dr. Mike for routine back adjustments. I had been told by other medical professionals that I would need cortisone injections to heal my ailing back-Not so- Dr. Mike has done wonders through adjustments and exercise routines. Another issue that had concerned me was development of kidney stones and once again through Dr. Mike and his zone healing I have been able to prevent formation of kidney stones. My wife as well -who was a non believer at first had chronic complaints of lower right quadrant pain- I sent her to see Dr. Mike and through various adjustments and discussions of how the body heals this problem and other cyclical problems have been managed. Thank You Dr. Mike for peace of mind and body!!!!

Sam S. and family

My Name is Allison, I am 28 and have had a jaw problem called TMJ for 9 years. It first started right after I graduated high school.  I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once which were impacted.  Four days after the surgery I had a problem I could not open my mouth wide, eat much, always in pain, when I ate it felt like taking two sticks and rubbing them together. My jaw was stretched out and was never the same again.   I could barley eat any food at all, unless it was put  in a blender.  I tried so many things, I went to doctors, I had night guards, retainers, everything I tried nothing seemed to work and it just left me in the worst pain possible. (Never wear a retainer that you have to eat food with, it makes your problem worse, and when you don't have to wear it anymore you have to learn how to eat again w/ your own teeth) Lucky I was not a candidate for surgery, never get it done.   I read so many stories where people go to get one problem fixed and then others appear and some people are going on their 13th surgery. I suggest to anyone with TMJ to buy a blender with a food processor, there are days you might be in a lot of pain and it helps to give your muscles a rest trust me I went through it all. Especially dentists, my pain was so bad I had novocaine shots just to get my teeth cleaned. That was a wrong move because when the novocaine wears off you feel where they poked you with the needle and now your jaw is 10 times more painful and it is stuck for a week. If you have to close your mouth and rest do so, if they can't or won't work with you go some where else and where you are happy. And this past Oct my Uncle Chuck took me to Dr. Mike and with in the first adjustment I felt different especially in my mouth even my cheekbones, half of the pain was gone and he didn't touch my jaw. Now no other chiropractors gave me relief even going 3 x a week, each has their own way of working. Now it is Jan. and  I still go to Dr. Mike once a week and I would say 80 - 90% of the pain is gone and every now and then I bite into cookies, bagels and pizza ,potato chips, some of the foods I have not ate in 9 years. There are some foods I still have trouble eating and if I force it my jaw does get stuck for a few days, the food is worth it. It is great to not have to cry from the pain, and stay at home when the family goes out to dinner and enjoy myself. I am happy, I am in a better mood, I feel good I want to eat laugh have a good time and Dr. Mike is the best chiropractor. No matter what problem you have or you just feel like you need an adjustment go to Dr. Mike and nobody else, he knows what he is doing and will talk to you to for a little bit if you have questions. And go when he tells you to go so it will work and you will feel great. Thank You Dr. Mike for helping me with my jaw problem and making me happy and feel great, I could do back flips if I could. I can't wait for next week to get my next adjustment.


Allison D. VanWinkle

I've had allergies most of my life and going to the doctor for shots was no longer helping me. I would get a shot in the arm and it would come right back out. The doctor said there was nothing more he could do for me. It was then I decided to try a chiropractor. DR Mike has helped cure my allergies and I also developed a bad case of poison ivy all over my body which Zone Therapy cured.  Arthritis started to bother me, but with a change in my eating habits, eating more fruits and vegetables with less meat, bread, cake and sweets along with biweekly adjustment it soon disappeared. I also developed an annoying spot in the corner of my eye which was obstructing the vision in my one eye. I went to the eye doctor he diagnosed a detached retina and he wanted to do laser surgery, which I refused. DR Mike told me to take bilberry along with my adjustments and said it would be cleared up in about three months. Sure enough three months later the spot had disappeared and my vision is restored. My most recent problem was with shingles but with vitamins and zone adjustments I came through without any pain. I do simple exercise every morning, along with walking, vitamins and aloe Vera juice. NO DRUGS and I am a happy healthy 88 year old still going strong. I don't take any medications and have been a patient for 20 years.

Thank you Mike.

Jean Thompson

Looking for a professional opinion I asked Dr. Mike if it was normal for my menstrual cycle to end so early, at 41. He told me to make an appointment for an adjustment and miraculously, I started menstruating the next day. I am not saying he is a miracle worker, but I believe God works His healing hands through Dr. Mike. I also had a problem with high blood pressure that was corrected by zone therapy   If you have a desire to be healed of your infirmities I suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Mike to guide, instruct and place his warm healing hand on your life.

Ellen Chavez
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

TRUE STORY!--Through the past few years Dr. Mike has really done wonders for me. His adjustments have improved my over-all health as well as targeting on the problem areas of my neck and back. I have written about my initial experiences when I was in such excruciating pain with a frozenshoulder and Dr. Mike not only relieved the pain but gave me the ability to resume all of my prior activities. No other physician, accupuncturist, or chiropractor even came close to helping me. I was about ready to give up when I discovered Dr. Mike.

And now--another revelation!

I was having my weekly adjustment when I mentioned to Dr. Mike that I wish I could go off of my blood pressure medication. I've had to take it for about six years. He said you don't need medication. I'll help you, and you won't have to take it any longer. Wow! Would you believe that I just had my pressure taken, and it went down--better than normal! I am so excited because the side effects of the medication were really not agreeing with me. Dr. Mike did it again! What can I say but thank you and God bless!

Pat Montalto

I went for a mammography and was told that I had a suspicious mass in my left breast.  I made an appointment to see Dr. Mike and he advised me to start the inner clean diet, which I did.  I continued to see him over this three month period.  When I went back for the follow-up visit, I knew that I was perfectly healthy, but I went back to see it on film.  When I got there I was told that there was good news and that I could go home.  As I started to ask questions, I was told that maybe it was a shadow or an inflamed lymph node.  I never really received a straight answer.

I would like to thank Dr. Mike for being a huge part of my perfect health and for being so kind, caring and confident about what he could do for me. This whole experience has led me to embrace life and health as I should.

Thank you

My son, Kevin, who is 11 years old, has been under Dr. Mike's care since he was weeks old.  As he got older, his regular visits became infrequent.  Between the ages of 8 and 9, he developed very bad allergies and a chronic cough.  I wanted a quick remedy, so I took him to one of the top allergists in the state, who gave him a series of tests and diagnosed him with allergies and VCD (vocal chord dysfunction). He prescribed four different medications and a nebulizer treatment he had to do, for fifteen minutes, three times a day.  I thought he would be better in no time.

Needless to say, with all that medication, my son became lethargic.  As his condition was getting worse, the doctor was prescribing more.  The other recommendation was therapy for Kevin's vocal chords.  So I took him to St. Joseph's Hospital for therapy sessions, as well.  So now, my son was taking tons of medication and doing vocal chord exercises three times a day.

We were very distraught over Kevin's worsening condition.  To make a long story short, we brought Kevin back to Dr. Mike and made the commitment that needed to be made.  Under Dr. Mike's care, he took Kevin off all medication and was seeing him three times a week for a period of time.  Within a year's time, he no longer had VCD (a throat specialist scoped his throat and said his vocal chords were fine) and was even able to have a guinea pig (prior to Dr. Mike he was allergic to animal fur).

Dr. Mike, my family is so grateful to you for all you have done for us.  We will all continue to be your patients, but most of all, we are proud to be your HEALTHY friends.

We have recommended so many people to you and will continue to do so.

Thanks, again.

Gratefully yours, The Macchia family

I started seeing Dr Mike in August of 2003 and was referred to him by my mom and brother, who had been seeing him regularly for a few years.  Without telling Dr Mike that I use to get nauseous after meals, he was able to tell that I had digestion problems just by one examination.  Also, a few times a year, I would get horrible colds and throat infections, which often led to high doses of antibiotics.  On top of all of that, I often experienced tension headaches on a weekly basis.

Now, a year and a half later, I am happy to say that I haven't had a cold since I have been seeing Dr Mike. If I run myself down, and feel a cold coming on, I will go to Dr Mike instead of running to my physician or popping cold medicine like I use to. My digestion problems have diminished and I seldom get headaches.

Dr Mike, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for all you have done for me and teaching me your optimistic approach on life.

Thank you,
Stephanie Reed
(A very satisfied patient)

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have been bringing my daughter to Dr. Mike since she was five days old.  She is now almost five years old, and is without a doubt the healthiest child I know.  Over the past four years, people have regularly asked me what I do to keep her in such excellent health.  Now that she has entered pre-school, I am asked even more often, by both parents and teachers.  Each time I am asked, I tell them about Dr. Mike.

In October, a teacher noticed my daughter touching her ear, and recommended that I get her on an antibiotic for what she perceived to be an ear infection.  I thanked her for her concern, but told her that my daughter has never had either an ear infection or an antibiotic.  She said that such a thing was impossible. I explained that it was very possible, and in fact quite normal for children who regularly see a chiropractor, as my daughter does.

In November, the Director of my daughter's school approached me, and asked how I keep my daughter so healthy.  She noted that my daughter was the only student in the entire school who had not yet called out sick, and that it was very rare for students to avoid catching illnesses from each other.  Other parents who were nearby were very interested to hear my response.  I explained that we see our chiropractor weekly, and have done so since my daughter was born.   They were all astounded, and I was told that seeing a chiropractor couldn't have had anything to do with it, and that I was just very lucky.  I replied that I was certainly very lucky --lucky to have our chiropractor, Dr. Mike, who helps me keep my daughter healthy.

I really wish the teachers and other parents would believe me when I explain that Dr. Mike's chiropractic care is greatly responsible for my daughter's excellent health.  They are always so amazed that she is such a healthy child.  I am always amazed that a healthy child is so unnecessarily rare.

Christine C. Benedict

In June 2003, My daughter "Hailee" was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia.  The bile in her liver was not able to come out because her bile duct and gallbladder were shriveled to nothing.  She was 2 1/2 months old when diagnosed.  At 3 months she had major surgery.  The surgeon took her small intestine and connected it to her liver.  The bile started flowing normally but she then had a lot of damage already done to the liver.  The prognosis would eventually in her lifetime be a liver transplant.

I have been going to Dr. Mike for many years.  He has help me through a few major things in my life.  So needless to say, after surgery, he was the first one I called.

When Hailee's belly was healed, Dr. Mike started working on her digestive zone.  We would see him once a week.  Every couple of months we would also see her specialist.  He was very negative about her progress.  I continued taking her to Dr. Mike and he always reassured me that she was getting better.

15 months after her surgery we had another appointment with Hailee'sspecialist.  For the first time he looked at me with surprise in his face and said "her liver is normal".  We still continue going to Dr. Mike every two weeks.  And Hailee is doing fantastic.

Dr. Mike  I just want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.  You have helped me many of times but this was the big one!

Michelle Castro-Darling

Dear Dr. Mike,

It is a wonderful thing to enjoy life in all it’s abundance. You and your colleague Dr. Pete have had (and still have) such a profound impact on my life and I want to thank you from my heart for all your teaching, healing and support.

About 15 months ago, I was referred to Dr. Pete. I had been suffering from severe digestive disorder(ulcerative colitis) for 10 years. Throughout those years, all my efforts to get well resulted in very little relief. I gave up on traditional western medicine after 5 years and several hospital stays. The only treatment doctors consistently mentioned, as a proven thing was to cut out my entire colon. I was not ready to go that far and tried in the next 5 years a plethora of alternative healing methods. Although I was able to stay out of the hospital, my health deteriorated even more. In the summer of 2002 after seeing a Gastroenterologist for my yearly colonoscopy, he strongly discouraged me to keep fooling around with alternative medicine and just face the inevitable, i.e. remove the entire colon before it’s too late. After this visit with a MD I was deeply depressed. Was I wrong to hope that there was a cure for my symptoms? Even my wife, who stood by me all these years, pressured me to do something. I thought I’ll give myself one more chance and enrolled in a serious body and mind cleansing program in San Diego. At the end of the first week of the 2 week program, my spirits were high, but my body was so weak that I had to stop. I lost 28 pounds in 6 days and weighed barely 110 pounds (my normal weight is 155). I was dizzy, short of breath and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. At the end of that week a guardian angel recommended Dr. Pete. To my surprise I had never heard of Concept Therapy, Dr. Fleet or Zone Healing, even though I considered myself and expert on alternative medicine.

One month later I went to see Dr. Pete, not knowing what to expect. What struck me most about this first encounter was his apparent lack of doubt. There was no if, when, but, in case, etc. It was clear to me that Dr. Pete had no doubt he could heal me, if I was ready and willing to be healed. He recommended that I take the basic Concept Therapy class with his colleague Dr. Mike in New Jersey. Little did I know what was to unfold over the next 15 months. I could ramble on for a long time about the step-by-step progress, but to spare you my raving let me sum it up.

I feel, think and act completely healthy. My body has 95% healed. I know that anybody regardless of their sickness/symptoms (no matter how serious) can get well. And the best Doctors that I have encountered to help one along this journey to health are Dr. Mike Fitzgerald and Dr. Peter Goldman.

With lots of love and gratitude


I went to Dr. Mike’s office on the recommendation of one of my friend’s who got great results working with him. My main reason for seeing him was "back problems" mainly degenerative joint disease.

Dr. Mike examined me and told me he would work on my muscular zone. During the examination, I mentioned to him that I had a lot of problems with dizziness and had trouble with my balance. The medication I was taking was not helping at all. He explained how my balancing out my muscular zone, my body would start to function normally.

Since I have been coming in on regular basis ( 2 times a week), I feel great! In one month my vertigo was completely gone! I have never felt better. In fact I recently went to a reunion for my job from which I have been retired from for five years and everyone commented on how great I look. I feel 15 years younger and my body is functioning better, just as I was told it would during my first visit.

Also, I never told Dr. Mike that I suffered from blood pressure problems. My doctor’s could never get the pressure to stabilize. It would either be too high or too low. Since getting my systems balanced, the blood pressure has been perfect and Dr. Mike didn’t even know I had a problem!

I tell many others to go to see Dr. Mike and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Helene Shenesko age 71

The day before we were leaving for Florida, my son Phillip told me that he was having problems hearing in his right ear. After vacation I had to take him to an ENT for another problem. The Dr said that my son was talking loudly and that he would like to have his hearing evaluated. A quick test was done and a hearing deficit was noted. The Dr suggested that we make an appointment with an audiologist to see how much of a hearing loss he had in his right ear. The nurse where he went to school did a hearing test and said that he had at least a 25 decibel hearing loss in his right ear. As soon as I heard the news, I thought my son would be wearing a hearing aid and his life would never be the same. My mother called Dr Mike to see if he could help him. Dr Mike said that he knew he could help him. My son was taken to Dr Mike's that same night. Dr Mike evaluated my son and said that he had a Zone 2 eliminative problem. Dr Mike was never told what ear he was having a problem hearing with. Phillip was adjusted three times before his appointment with the audiologist. He was tested for over an hour by the audiologist. She said that she didn't find anything wrong with his hearing. Three days later the Dr called to say that Phillip's hearing was fine and that no further treatment was needed. The first person that my Mother called was Dr Mike. She told him that he had proven another Dr wrong again. I am very pleased with my son's results from being adjusted by Dr Mike. I recommend Dr Mike to everyone who is considering going to a Chiropractor when they want the best Dr there is. My son's hearing is preserved thanks to Dr Mike!

Phyllis DeYoung


  I would like to tell everyone how Dr. Mike helped a distraught Mom more than once.  I am now 39 years old and at age  37, I became pregnant after 10 years of fertility treatments.  In my first trimester, I pinched a nerve in my neck,  I couldn't stand the pain and we all know you can't take anything.  I went to all kinds of medical doctors with no relief.  I finally tried my long time family chiropractor and he wouldn't touch me in my condition.  I was speaking to a friend who told me she used Dr. Mike when she was pregnant, I called his office and was greeted in the friendliest manner and I have become since then his biggest fan. 
    While I was seeing Dr. Mike, he had a seminar regarding how chiropractic works and how it is good for the whole family, including infants!  He also explained how getting your zones cleared helps your everyday health and was much more than being treated for a sore back.  I found what he said to be very true!  I was feeling better and not getting sick everytime someone sneezed in my direction like I usually did.  What he said made a lot of sense.  I went home and informed my family of what I learned and told them I thought it was a good idea to start the baby there.  But to my dismay, everyone freaked.  They started with the horror stories an so on.  To stop the arguments, I dropped it, but it still stayed in the back of my mind.  I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl.
     When my daughter was a little over 2 she started to complain of it being hot when she urinated.  She would beg me to change her all the time and to make it stop.  Being a first time Mom, I of course panicked.  I took her to her pediatrician who told me there was nothing wrong.  I searched the Internet only to scare myself something fierce.  I took her to my GYN who gave me a cream that made it worse.  I took her to another pediatrician who ran more tests and told me there was nothing wrong and sent me to a urologist, who gave me another cream that didn't seem to help.  After 3 weeks of my daughter in pain and me not sleeping or eating out of concern and worry,  I went to see Dr Mike for my appointment.  He took one look at me and asked me what was wrong.  I told him of my daughter's problem and how no doctor could help her.  He said let me work on her and see if I can help.
    I agreed to let him work on her, overruling my families objections.  Within 1 week, she started complaining less and less, in 2 weeks she complained maybe once or twice a day, by the 3rd week no more complaints.  I have my happy daughter back!!  The icing on the cake is she loves going to the office, she can't wait to see Suzy and when she gets home she pretends to be Dr. Mike and works on your spine.
     I hope my story opens people's eyes to what Dr. Mike has to say and does in his work,  I know, I believe and trust him and can not thank him enough for the help he is giving to my daughter and I.

Dr. Mike has been my Primary Health Provider for over 15 years. He has helped me to maintain health and balance in my life, and has continually been a source of Motivation for me.

He has inspired and enlightened me in many ways that have proven to be invaluable to my health and personal confidence.

Dr. Fitzgerald had encouraged me to take responsibility for my own health and to be a meaningful participant in the healing process and in the maintenance of health. His treatments, teaching and philosophy have helped me to overcome and recover from whatever obstacles have come my way including a growth in my throat that was the size of an orange, and a severe injury to my tailbone, both of which I am pleased to report are 100% healed!

In both of these instances, it is my strong belief that other health practitioners might have prescribed very invasive remedies. I am ecstatic that Dr. Fitzgerald aided me in healing these issues holistically.

In summary, I implicitly trust Dr. Mike Fitzgerald with my health, he is very talented, and has proven himself to be completely honest and reliable.  He is also a great listener and possesses tremendous insight and

Eric Weissman,
A Very Satisfied Patient!

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Mike for the past 14 years. Because of his healing abilities, or should I say the power he gives a patient to heal themselves, my family and I have lived without antibiotics or any other medicine. Through his adjustments my children have quickly been cured of what the medical world labels as strep throat, double ear infections and other infections or viruses. I am most amazed by his latest accomplishment by curing a skin condition that my 13 year old contracted in the fall called molluscum virus. For a well rounded, well liked teenager having your stomach, legs, arms and back slowly become covered in what looks like disgusting warts could be disastrous. When my pediatrician told me there was no cure besides having them burned off or just wait for them to heal in one to five years, I thought, why not Dr. Mike?? Well you can probably guess the ending, after one visit they started to dry up, and after 4 visits they were completely healed. My family and I owe our good health to this wonderful Dr. as he has kept us both physically and emotionally healthy without any medication at all!! Thank you, Dr. Mike!!!

Leslie Fisher

I started having problem with my stomach in seventh grade (that would be age 12 or 13). I would wake up in the morning nauseous and not be able to eat anything for breakfast. At least once a week, I would actually throw up from the nauseousness. My mother took me to my regular primary care physician to get it checked out. I then proceeded to see Gastro Specialist and had Upper G.I. tests. I was finally told that there was nothing showing up in all of the tests I had that indicated an ulcer or any other problem with my stomach. But I still had symptoms. They seemed to level off and almost stop during a lot of my high school years and most of college. But three years ago, I graduated college and got a job that was very stressful. I started to have all of the same problems I has as a teenager. I went to my primary care physician again to see if there was something that could be done. I was given medication that made me feel more sick to my stomach that I was before. And my doctor recommended, AGAIN, that I go to a Gastro specialist. The thought of all of those tests again made me cringe!! I hated them when I was a teenager and I knew I did not want to go through all of that again if there was nothing coming up wrong in any of them. My physician also suggested I see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist because he believed I had post nasal drip and that was causing me to swallow during the night causing the nauseousness in the morning. The Ear, Nose & Throat doctor recommended deviated septum surgery!! I was deathly afraid of any kind of surgery!!

My brother, Jeff, told me that he thought I should try going to see Dr. Mike. I had known that a lot of my family had been seeing him for years. It just never really occurred to me to go for my stomach. I took my brother's advice and started going to Dr. Mike a little over two years ago. During my first appointment, he explained everything to me and during the first months I was going, he invited me to a seminar where I could learn more about everything. I started to adjust my diet a little and had adjustments once or twice a week. Gradually, I had less and less symptoms and had less nauseousness in the mornings. I started being able to eat before leaving for work in the morning because I was not so sick to my stomach.

I still, occasionally have trouble. I believe a lot of what was originally wrong was stress related. And, on the rare occasion, these days when my stomach does act up, it is when I am under extreme stress. I have to say that since the New Year, (It is April now) I have not had a problem in the morning. I still have adjustments on a weekly basis. After all of this, I am very glad I listened to my brother and went to see Dr. Mike. I avoided most likely, needless surgery on my nose as well as useless and unpleasant tests.

Thank you!!

Stacy Campoli

While out to dinner one night with my friend Deb, I got sick to my stomach. I have been getting sick a lot for the past 2 years. I had been to many different types of doctors. I even went to NYC and paid $1200 for a body scan, convinced that something was seriously wrong with me. She said I really should go with her to see Dr. Mike. I couldn't see how a chiropractor could help me with something not having to do with my back. I had already been seeing a chiropractor for a previous injury for almost 3 years. My lower back and neck still constantly hurt. I just dealt with it as your normal everyday aches and pains. I figured I had nothing to lose. The following week I went to Dr. Mike with Deb. On the way she explained about these "zones". When I went in to the office I was surprised. There weren't any big contraptions or giant massagers told Dr. Mike a little about what was going on with myself. I was amazed by how feeling the back of my head, he was basically able to tell me the things that were bothering me! Now, no doctor I've been to before had ever done that! Even the adjustment was nothing like I had expected. Painless! And I felt instantly relieved. Dr. Mike suggested that I have an adjustment twice a week. He also said that I should read the chapter on anger in Rays Of The Dawn. I also stayed for the class that night, too. In the first few weeks of therapy I was having a hard time getting to the office because of the weather and my new job. Even so, having only 3 or 4 adjustments I felt and saw a change for the better in my health! My back and neck no longer hurt on a daily basis. Even more amazing to me is that my stomach problems are a lot less frequent. I really feel relief and I'm not just flying around on pain killers! I plan to continue to follow the laws and continue therapy so I can just finally have my good health back. Thanks Deb and Thank you Dr. Mike!

P.S. I was also presently surprised that my menstrual cycle started coming back with regularity which has been a problem of mine for years, and I have never even mentioned this problem to Dr. Mike either!!


Last September, I was given the choice of having a golf-ball size lumpectomy done to remove a benign fibroadenoma tumor with abnormal hyperplasia cells from my breast or try Zone Chiropractic Therapy. After 14 years in Concept Therapy, surgery just did not feel right. I knew that even if I had the surgery, I would still have to find the original cause of the benign tumor and abnormal cells. I decided to go to Dr. Mike Fitzgerald's office and start Zone Chiropractic Therapy. Dr. Mike and I agreed on a course of action including going to his office for Zone Therapy adjustments to bring my six health systems back into harmony. He started with the Circulatory System since this was the system that he found to be causing my circulatory disturbance. The oxygen supply to every cell needed to be stimulated in order to create healthy cells and at the same time, the lymphatic system needed to be purged of all of its poisons and toxins. His prescription to restore my health was to have adjustments twice a week, go on the Inner Klean Diet, drink more fresh juices, and read and apply the Laws of the Body and Soul in the Rays of the Dawn book to my life even more diligently. I needed to change my vibration from the negative thoughts which helped to create this disturbance to the positive. After diligently following Dr. Mike's regime to health (which included driving 4 hours round trip twice a week for the Zone Therapy adjustments), I am happy to report that the Zone Therapy treatments completely reversed the surgeon's diagnosis. She said, after reading the latest mammogram report and performing an ultrasound herself in January, 2003, that "you cannot go after something that is no longer there!" I am still continuing to go to Dr. Mike once a week as I want all my zones cleared. I want to stress that if you want to reverse a diagnosis of disease, accept the responsibility of the health regime prescribed by Dr. Mike through Zone Chiropractic Therapy and take the action steps necessary to achieve the diagnosis of health.

Susan Phelps

I have been a patient of Dr. Mike’s since 1991 and involved with Concept Therapy since 1996. When I first came to Dr. Mike, upon a friend’s recommendation, I was skeptical but open for a change. I had terrible allergies and was sick constantly as a child and into my adult years. At first, I was leery, but as time passed I realized I was beginning to feel healthier and better that I had in years. My family and friends, in the beginning, thought I was crazy for not going to a medical doctor when I became ill; however, as time passed and they saw the difference they began to accept this new change in my life. Especially my mom, a nurse, had the most difficult time understanding this new philosophy and treatment. As a child, she was constantly taking me to the medical doctors or the emergency room for treatments. This was hard for her to accept, but now she has seen a huge change in me. I’m Healthy now. The funny thing is now when something isn’t right the first thing she will ask is "Is Dr. Mike open and when can I bring you in for an appointment?"

Years later I now totally believe in chiropractic care for my well-being. Speaking with Dr. Mike, reading, attending Rays of the Dawn and Concept Therapy classes has changed my philosophy about life. For me, I realize the importance of the body, mind and soul connection for a healthy lifestyle. My attitude toward health involves seeing Dr. Mike at least once a week for zone adjustments.

Karen D’Aurizio

I started seeing Dr. Mike about 9 months ago. I had severe hair loss due to a condition called Lichen Planapolaris. The cause of this condition is unknown . The symptoms are severe hair loss and an inflamed, itchy scalp.  There is no treatment, but the symptoms can be controlled with medication. As you can well imagine, the condition was devastating both on an emotional as well as physical level. Dr Mike was wonderful. He is understanding and seems to have an intuitive sense as to what words and treatment will be the
most helpful.

Dr Mike introduced me to concept therapy. The concepts I learned and continue to learn have been enlightening to me and have helped me to see how much I can influence my own good health. My condition is much better. I even have some hair growth! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Mike for his encouragement and his help in my good health.


The day I had my first consultation with Dr. Mike I had a list of  "coulds and could nots" for him to follow. I had been the patient of another chiropractor and my experiences left me skeptical and untrusting. At the time the only reason I was continuing to get adjustments was because of a slip disc in my lower back that would leave me almost paralyzed and recuperation became longer and more difficult each time my back went out.  Dr. Mike listened and worked with me. His methods are extremely gentle and caring. Over time he gained my trust and I let go of the list I originally held fast to. His genuine interest in my medical ailments and mental state of health have contributed greatly to my overall health.

 The Concept Therapy philosophy that Dr. Mike teaches has opened my mind and taught me about myself and life. We all have 'issues' to deal with and it is an amazing revelation to understand how the mind directly affects the body.  I have proven this to myself numerous times and ways through the classes he provides. The evolution of life is hard work; but with the guidance and application of the teachings of this philosophy any one can improve their lives beyond comprehension.

 Thank you Dr. Mike for providing me the tools I use to continue to grow.

 p.s. My back no longer haunts me with the threat of 'slipping' out of place.

 Dawn Garrison

 Approximately 4 1/2 years ago my husband and I were seeking a healthier and more natural way of life for our family.

 Our youngest son wound up in the hospital, at 8 mos. old, with chronic asthma.  He was prescribed a series of medicines for the next 5 months.  As a result of the medications, he was continuosly vomiting, never able to hold down any food or liquids.  We voiced our concerns to his pulmanologist, who in turn informed us this was merely a side effect of the medicine he was on, NEVER seeing that our son was deteriorating before our eyes.  That's when we knew there had to be a better way to treat his dis-ease.

 Well, the old saying goes, "seek and ye shall find."  And we did.   A friend had recommended me to Dr. Mike right before my son's first birthday.  My husband and I had NEVER been to a chiropractor before but everything told us to trust our intuition and bring our son to him.  I called the day after my friend gave me Dr. Mike's # and the friendly voice on the other end, Suzy, now a very good friend of my family, gave me an appointment immediately.  It was the absolute best thing we could have ever done for the life of our child and our family!

After his first adjustment, Dr. Mike assured us, as a family, that Matthew would be cured of his asthma and this was the beginning of a healthier life for him and our family as a whole.  Dr. Mike never claimed to be a miracle worker but promised to work together WITH our family to accomplish a dis-ease free life.  He helped us to understand what led up to his asthma and the steps to take to help him through this difficult period.  He put the power and trust in our hands and we thank him for that.

 One of the most suprising things that happened after that first adjustment was that Matthew fell asleep in the car, something he had never done before, we knew he was finally going to be O.K. and that we had made the right decision.

 One by one we all started getting adjusted.  We have 3 boys, ages 14, 6 and Matthew is now a healthy 5 year old.  The 2 younger ones have never had an ear infection. With our oldest we were definitely one of those parents who always ran to the dr. to put our son on antibiotics to ease any pain.  Now whenever they or we have any discomfort in our bodies it is quickly alleviated by the TRUST in our family health care provider Dr. Mike, and his adjustments.

 We now have a 4th son on the way and are totally confident that this child will lead a very healthy and drug-free life, thanks to Dr. Mike and his educating our family on TRUE HEALTH and our birthright to it.

With love and peace in our hearts,
Ranae and John Roesch & boys...

I started to see Dr. Mike in January of 1997 and my life has changed
incredibly since then.   I was having sharp pains in the left side of my
chest for 23 weeks. I had been to see (at that time) my regular Medical
doctor who sent me for tests and an MRI and also to see a specialist.  They
could not determine what was wrong, so they just kept giving me
prescriptions to take.  It was more or less just to help me deal with the
pain, not cure it.  It was not helping.  The pain was so intense at times
that it hurt to sneeze, laugh, cry, or even take a deep breath.   A good
friend of mine insisted I go see Dr. Mike.  I was skeptical at first, and
said,"What can a Chiropractor do for pains in my chest?"    Since nothing
else was helping I decided to go.

As soon as I met Mike I felt very comfortable with him.  Dr. Mike is easy
to talk to and he listens to what you have to say.  At the time, I was
getting divorced and feeling a lot of guilt and pain inside and out.   After
being adjusted physically and mentally for two weeks my pain was gone.  I
was amazed!   I had no idea about the Mind/ Body connection up until then
and I wanted to learn more.   All I knew was that the pain was gone after a
very long time, and that together with Dr. Mike's adjustments and advice, I
could live a healthy life without drugs and medical tests.  I learned that
the body's innate power to heal along with regular Chiropractic care is the
only way to rid you of any ailments, dis-ease, or pain permanently.

Since my first visit 5 years ago, with the tools that Dr. Mike has taught
to me, I have solved so many issues in my life that were making me ill.

I have also remarried and have a beautiful son that was born at home.  I
had the most incredible drug free, practically unassisted water birth.   The
reason I mention this, is that before I was a patient of Dr. Mike, I was
told by several Doctors that I would only be able to deliver a child by
Caesarean Section as a result of injuries that I had sustained to my back.
I now know that I was able to have a wonderful, natural, birth due to the
fact that I have changed my concepts and that I have regular Chiropractic

My husband is a patient of Dr. Mike also and our son has been getting
adjustments since he is 2 days old.  Dr. Mike is the only Doctor that our
family uses for all of our health care needs.

---Annemarie Blackwell age 35

Dr. Mike is not just a Chiropractor, he is a caring and gifted healer.  He
cares about your total self, not just body but mind and spirit.  His gentle
and noninvasive approach and touch, allows the healing power within my body
be released.  When I do not feel well, the first person I call is Dr. Mike.
Chiropractic adjustments have also been the first line of defense against
dis-ease in my body.

To all who are seeking Health - call Dr. Mike! I have been a patient of
his for over 7 years.

Marisa Cappuccia

We originally came to the Fitzgerald Chiropractic center looking for
holistic health care for our children. The health of your children was
unmanageable with pediatricians prescribing antibitotics as a form of
preventive medicine as well as a cure. This pracive, unbeknownst to us then,
set up our children for other illnesses due to a weakened immune system.
Some examples of conditions that we were dealing with were earaches
(initially treated with surgery), high fevers (treated with Tylenol), and
urninary reflux (surgery was recommended).

In August of 1996, my wife and I were discussing with my wife's friend,
how we felt trapped adn helpless in managing our children's health
problems. This friend referred us to Dr. Michael Fitzgerald. Since then, we
have been actively involved as partners with Dr. Fitzgerald in creating the
health our family now has. This partnership has required a commitment on our
part to learn, study and apply the principles which create health. Our
efforts have been well rewarded with a freedom from the allopathic practices
which are in prevalent use today.

If you are considering an alternative to allopathic treatements, and are
willing to be actively involved in the creation of your family's health,
then we suggest that you come to the Fitzgerald Chiropractic Center.

Best regards,
The Day Family.
Jim, Marybeth, Kyle and Shelby

Since my teenage years, I suffered from migraine headaches and vertigo.
The nauseating pain and dizziness often left me with no option but to remain
in bed, sometimes for days at a time, with the lights off and an ice pack on
my head.  I could not eat or sleep.  As a student I missed classes, and as
an adult, I often missed work.  Years passed.  I managed to graduate
college, work and marry, all through an unsettling haze of pain and

I visited countless doctors seeking relief.  I was given various
medications - to control pain, to alleviate dizziness, to encourage sleep -
but they didn't seem to help.  I was told it was stress.  I was told it was
all in my head.  I was told I was allergic to everything from coffee to
milk.  I was even told it could be a tumor, and was sent to a neurologist.
I was put through test after uncomfortable test, and was told that all tests
were normal, and to get my eyes checked.  At the eye doctors, I passed out
and was taken to the hospital.  More tests, more doctors telling me I was
fine, and to find a way to live with it.

My husband was as frustrated as I was, and suggested I visit his
chiropractor.  It was a last resort, but I was desperate for relief, and
although I didn't see how a chiropractor could help me, I agreed that I had
nothing to lose.

Upon entering the examining room, I was surprised to see nothing but a low
cushioned table and a chair.  No equipment, no machines, no instruments.
Although I was skeptical, Dr. Mike made me feel comfortable.  He adjusted my
husband first, so I would know what to expect, and then adjusted me.  It was
all very easy, completely non-invasive and totally painless.  He recommended
that I return weekly, which I did.

That was five years ago.  Within six weeks, the vertigo had all but
disappeared.  I can remember only three migraines in the past five years,
all of which were mild and were alleviated within hours after having a
chiropractic adjustment.

My husband and I have continued to see Dr. Mike regularly.  In the past
five years, we have not had a need for any other medical treatment.  Neither
of us has taken any type of chemical medication, prescription or
over-the-counter. My husband and I both feel healthy and good, and do not
have any of the complaints that we hear from our friends and family.  We
have had occasional minor discomforts, but Dr. Mike has always been able to
relieve them through adjustments, nutritional advice, herbal supplements or
any combination of the three.

I saw Dr. Mike throughout my pregnancy, and have brought my daughter
regularly since she was five days old.   She was born with her head and neck
very obviously bent to her left.  The hospital pediatrician indicated she
would need a brace and possibly a surgery.  Dr. Mike adjusted her regularly,
taught us some basic exercises, which we did daily, and by the age of one
she had a perfectly straight neck and spine with no additional medical
treatment.  She is now almost two, and is one of the healthiest children I
have ever seen.  On the rare occasions when she does not feel well, we bring
her to see Dr. Mike, knowing that she will be treated naturally, without the
need for medications which could be toxic to her little body.   In addition,
Dr. Mike has given us excellent parenting advice for everything from
teething to diaper rash to temper tantrums.

Overall, I find Dr. Mike to be extremely knowledgeable of the human body
and natural ways to keep it functioning properly.  I recommend him to
everyone, for everything.  I always point out that chiropractic is not just
for back pain - I absolutely credit Dr. Mike with my good health and
well-being. The results of Dr. Mike's chiropractic care, for myself, my
husband, my daughter, and everyone we have referred to him, have been
nothing short of amazing.

Christine C. Benedict
Patient since 1996

Five years of antibiotics for my son, five years of infections that never
really went away totally.  I decided to see an allergist.  His findings were
that Robert was suffering from severe allergies.  Not to just grass and
hayfever but to household dust and mold spores that were in every house.  I
was told Robert needed allergy medication in the form of nasal spray, four
times a day, everyday.  Probably forever.  (Do you have any idea how
difficult it is to give a 5 year old nose spray!) Also, I needed to get
portable HEPA air filter cleaners for our home.  Cover all the mattress in
the house with hypo-allergenic covers (that had to be special ordered), and
remove as much carpeting and draperies as possible.  Needless to say, this
was very costly, and didn't seem to make a difference to Roberts condition.
After doing all that I was instructed to do he still weezed, coughed,
sounded congested, had a very nasal voice and now he was irritable from the nasal spray.
A very good friend of mine suggested we see Dr. Fitzgerald.  A
chiropractor, I thought, how could he help?  After realizing I had nothing
to lose I decided to go see Dr. Mike.  At our first meeting I remember
telling him that I was very skeptical, I really didn't believe in
Chiropractic methods.  He was very reassuring and asked me to give this a
chance.  Together we decided to take Robert off all allergy medications, turn
off the filters and resume life, the only difference was that I was to bring
Robert to his office three times a week for one month for an adjustment, and
we would see what happens.  Well, that was 1992 and I am happy to say Robert
has been allergy free since then!  Robert continues his adjustments once a
week, as do the rest of our family.
> When I took Robert recently to the pediatrician for his high school
entrance physical the doctor asked me if we had changed pediatricians
because he hadn't seen Robert in many years.  I told him no, he has just
been very healthy.  Thanks to our Chiropractor!

Jo-Anne Greenway Faggiani
and Family - Patients since 1992

My name is Laurie and I am 35 years old. When I was in fifth grade, I began
getting migraine headaches. For years afterwards, the only choices I had were
to let the migraine run its course or pay a visit to the hospital emergency
room for a Demorol shot. During the planning of my wedding in 1990, my
headaches became more frequent and intense. My fiance Angelo suggested a
chiropractor. On my first visit to Dr. Mike Fitzgerald, he found subluxations
in my spine that were connected to my migraines. Finally I had found a reason
for the migraines and an alternative to pain killers for treatment. The best
part is the adjustments take no longer than a few minutes each visit. I can
now handle any migraine with this natural alternative along with a dose of
tylenol if necessary. My husband and 3 sons have also been receiving
chiropractic care for the last year. My youngest son is one year old. Since
we have been keeping up with our routine adjustments, we have not had to go
to any other doctor for any sicknesses. It has been a relief not to sit in a
waiting room full of sick people for 2 hours only to get another prescription
for antibiotics. Chiropractic care has kept my sons in excellent condition
for playing sports and they get a kick out of hearing their body making
"popcorn" noises when Dr. Fitzgerald does an adjustment.
     The Palatucci Family                                          
          Wayne, N.J.

Over the years I have sounded a little prejudiced about Fitzgerald Family Chiropractic. But given the circumstances, I feel I have had a right to be! I have benefited tremendously by "Dr. Mike" since 1986. Since then, I have seen no other doctor, taken no medication, dealt with no condition that we could not heal together and only grown stronger in the faith of natural healing and "Dr. Mike" each year. If I have to say what the greatest benefit has been, it would be the less and less fear (and more and more faith) I feel about health each year. Dr. Mike has helped me heal the FEAR about health conditions that plague every one I know. I actually feel a great degree of peace about health, REGARDLESS of what is manifesting in my body. That alone is worth a million dollars to me. I don't believe anyone really knows how much health fears literally kill their spirits and ultimately, I now know, kill their bodies. What we need is a "cure" for health FEARS, not health conditions. And without a doubt, Dr. Mike is that cure.           

Dr. Mike has spent over 20 years studying HEALTH (most doctors stop at studying disease). Talking with him for almost 17 years, I know he knows the connection of mind/body and healing power better than any doctor I know or have heard about. Dr. Mike not only understands how the central nervous system connects with every cell of the body, and ultimately every health problem the body could manifest, but he can help us understand what the emotional "stress" is behind it. Too many doctors label our conditions as "stress related". Well, I could have told them that! What we as "stressful" people need is to know what the stress is, and more importantly how to release it. I dare say few doctors today can really help one reveal or heal their stress. And since every condition in the body has some connection with us on the inside, without this understanding, do they really every help us heal. Well, that is a question for each to answer, but for me, Dr. Mike provides that missing "peace" and I see the fear and frustration that I used to have with health problems, disappearing.

Now as an adult, it is not so strange for a woman to be taking such a natural, non invasive and truly healing approach to health. What is a bit "unorthodox" is that my 7 year old daughter has the same approach! She has never been to any other doctor but Dr. Mike. She has never had a vaccine or taken a drug - no, not even 'children's Tylenol!' And I would say - without prejudice - that she is the healthiest kid I know. She has been a regular patient of Dr. Mike since the week she was born. His chiropractic adjustments along with his incredible connection with children is the main reason my daughter is and stays so well. What has amazed me over the years is that even when she does experience a health condition, she heals so fast and so completely that I know her healing power is working at top capacity. I also have the sad opportunity to watch so many children in my daughter's school who are filled with health fears and toxic medications that I am no longer surprised that they look and feel so sick. I want to tell their parents about this wonderful and supportive Chiropractic Office - and I have told so many - but I know most people need to come to this natural realization themselves; I only hope it is before too much damage has been done to their kids.

At this point, every one in my family - my husband, parents, siblings and their kids - have been touched in spirit and healed in body by Dr. Mike. Some of them include Dr Mike with their other traditional health systems, some like myself and my immediate family need no other system but Dr. Mike. It matters not how many other systems are used, only that one of them is natural, health supportive, non-invasive and non fearful. For me, Dr. Mike does it all, but I am thrilled when he can at least do some of it for those I know and love.

p.s. Dr. Mike's assistant, Suzy, supports every Natural healing practice in that office and makes everyone feel as though Dr. Mike came in just for them.

Doreen Eisdorfer


About two years ago, I had sustained a neck injury which was so painful that it brought me to tears practically every day.  My hand was turning purple and I had practically no mobility of my left arm and shoulder.  I even had to cancel a vacation last summer because I couldn't sit still without suffering excrutiating pain.  I found myself practically reliant on pain killers until I decided to try chiropractic.  In a period of about a year and a half I had gone to three chiropractors, an accupunturist, and two orthopedic surgeons.  The first two chiropractors did absolutely nothing and the third one actually intensified my pain.  The accupuncture treatments were a waste of time and money, and the orthopedic surgeons said that I'd have to go throught a great deal of therapy which would cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and then there's no guarantee.  I was about to give up when a friend told me to try Dr. Mike.  I decided that this would be my last resort.  Was I surprised when he said that he could help me.  After only a few treatments I was starting to get relief, and now I'm practically pain-free with almost total mobility.  I am so excited and grateful to Dr. Fitzgerald.  God bless you! 


Pat Montalto

I started seeing Dr. Fitzgerald about six years ago as a last resort
before surgery for my badly damaged ankles. I had the most severe form
of arthritis in them (what is known as arthropothy) and I was all set to
go in to have an operation to completely fuse them in order to alleviate
some of the pain. At that time, I was in braces on both ankles, was
taking six advil every day and still had tremendous pain when I walked.
Dr. Fitzgerald had all the confidence in the world when I came to him
and promised he would make me feel at least a little better- enough to
avoid the surgery. Well, in one month I was out of one of the braces,
and two months later I was out of the other. Also, from that point on, I
have taken absolutely no pain medication of any kind and I am active
again- playing golf regularly and not walking with any discomfort most
of the time. My orthopedist and physical therapist who I had seen before
Dr. Fitzgerald came along are constantly amazed at the improvement in my
ankles' range of motion and in the fact that I am not in any pain. They
are always curious as to what Dr. Fitzgerald does and I always tell them
the same thing: "I don't know- it doesn't seem like much (press this,
move that...) but he sure knows what to adjust and when to adjust it!"

Andre- Age 30

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